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Message From Jamar Clarke


Who inspired you?

 Two local friends and mentors by the name of Marc Jones and Melanie Littlejohn

What impact did that have on you back then?

Marc and I have been great friends for a few years. Although it hasn’t been long it’s been extremely impactful. His leadership, genuine personality, and wisdom are gravitating. He has always had an “open door” rule with me. Whether it be advice, or simply a bite to eat to clear the air, he has been a factor in my personal and professional growth.

Melanie has been an inspiration since childhood. She has always brightened the room with her presence as a strong black mother, wife, and businesswoman. Watching her climb the ladder of success throughout the years has always been admirable. But what I have admired most from her is growing up witnessing a functioning black family (Father, Mother, and children) sticking together and prospering.

What impact does that have on you now?

Marc has become my brother. A guy that I can truly rely on. He has taught me to treat people with kindness, to do the right thing, and to build a quality network.

Melanie pushes me to do better, to get it done, and make an impact. It’s the pressure that your mom puts on you. She has expectations and I better figure out a way to get there. That truly drives me to be the best I can be in whatever I do. We have periodic brain sessions to come up with ideas and a vision. These ideas become goals. These goals become reality.

What is your message to kids our young adults who are starting out?

What does success mean to you? Success can be defined in so many different ways. So, you really have to dig deep into it. It is not always about money. Observe the people, their lifestyles, the process it took, etc … Once you find your version of success, take and give it all you have. Once you reach your goal of success, you will set the bar higher to reach a new level of success. That process will continue. Then someday you’re going to reflect on the steps that you took to make it up the ladder and come to terms with what TRUE SUCCESS is.  Develop a process and stay persistent.