Employee Benefits

Build a competitive benefits package that attracts and retains skilled employees.

Attractive Employee Benefits

Salary is no longer the only factor employees consider when deciding to move on from their current job or accepting a new position. Your employees, both current and future, are considering how your benefits package will protect them and their families from the unexpected, in addition to adequately planning for retirement. Medical and dental coverage, disability income insurance, and a retirement plan are no longer enough for employers to stand out in a competitive job market.

Customized Benefits Packages

Designing an attractive employee benefits package may seem expensive. However, the tax considerations1 can help offset the overall cost, and enhanced benefits’ impact on current and prospective employees could be rewarding. Our financial professionals can help you provide an attractive employee benefits package that helps you retain and motivate your company’s employees.

Consider the following options for your employee benefits program:


Establish individual retirement arrangements for employees funded by annuities.

Disability Income Insurance

Supplement existing group long-term disability with additional income protection in the event of a disability.

Executive Benefit Programs

Use solutions designed specifically for talented, experienced professionals to recruit and retain executives.

Executive Group Life Insurance

Gain a competitive edge by providing valuable life insurance benefits to your executives and senior professionals.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Cover employees’ long-term care later in life with this highly sought-after benefit.

Retirement Plans

Give your employees the resources they need to build long-term retirement strategies that meet their needs.

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