Trust Services

Transfer your wealth to individuals or organizations you care about with a customized plan.

Ensure Your Legacy

A trust is a personalized fiduciary arrangement through which an appointed trustee manages and distributes your remaining assets after your death. Your trust may be an important element of your estate and wealth transfer plan. You can work with your Vision Financial Group planner to draft a trust that meets your wishes and your beneficiaries’ needs.

Trust Services Include:
  • Investment management and asset diversification.
  • Periodic statements, annual tax reporting, and investment reporting.
  • Cash management, custody, and prompt distribution of assets.
  • Processing of capital changes such as stock dividends, splits, exchanges, and tenders.
  • Bill paying, automated deposits and disbursements.
  • Income collection and allocation.

Transfer Your Wealth

In order to meet your estate planning needs, your financial professional will collaborate with your trustee, a third party who has your best interests in mind, to set up your trust with an attorney. When properly drafted by an attorney and administered by the trustee, a trust can help ensure your assets are managed and distributed after your death exactly as you desire.

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